The devil is in the details and ol Satan looks plenty
happy with this sedan

For his first car project this dude from Katy rocks it !
Can't wait to see him driving..stayed tuned.

THE END  for now, will share updates ...order one for yourself
(right now is a fine time)





2 and 5/16 fits most one barrell carbs.Get ride of that big old oil bath air cleaner. Stylish inexpensive, what more could you want? Be careful,will not fit the carbs with the built in "bell" around the top.
Looks great on a multi carb six cylinder set up.  You are running a 5 carb McGurk
intake right??
                                                                            $14.50 each


2 5/8' Helling Style Air Cleaner

Ahh, the perfect air cleaner for any red blooded hot rod.  Fits STROMBERG 97's and Ford/Holley 94's.  And most Rochester 2GC two barrell carbs.  If your intake uses 97's these will clear each other in any multi-carb set up.Sticking with my "parts I like"credo.
They are not expensive, timeless style,
I like 'em!  Ask about bulk discounts if you need a bunch for your intake collection.
                                                          $14.50 each


12' Helling Style Air Cleaner

To the MOON Alice! If I see another 1950's car with a Camaro air cleaner! This air cleaner has some style.  So
does your car.  Yes it is complete top, base,
filter, stud and nut. 
Nice chrome, but go ahead have a buddy
pin stripe it. Fits Holley,  Rochester 4 brl  carbs.   May fit others
                                     only $68.00







97 Scoops

I always called 'em sugar scoops.
Some guys call them frog mouths.  Nice polished aluminum,with set screw and brass screen to keep the MGD bottle caps out of your carbs.
Buy one or a hundred !           
$19.95 each