The devil is in the details and ol Satan looks plenty
happy with this sedan

For his first car project this dude from Katy rocks it !
Can't wait to see him driving..stayed tuned.

THE END  for now, will share updates ...order one for yourself
(right now is a fine time)




Thickson PM7

Tommy Thickstun's legacy,a great running intake manifold.  Tall risers allow stock generator location.  Looks exactly like a old

one but made better with todays casting
 and machining technology.       

Unavailable at this time

Tattersfield 4x2

Let's take her out to
ElMirage and see what she'll do.  Originally designed in 1948.  Back for the hardcore flathead guys.  Yes you can run four 97's on your built flathead. 
Make the ol' boys choke on that cigar. 
Very limited production.


Unavailable at this time