1932-34 FORD PICK-UP


The one and only. Custom built frame for building a channeled 1932-34 Ford pick up.
Keeping the suspension basic. Spring on top of 4" dropped axle up front.
In the rear ladder bars and a buggy spring.

Gene Simmons would like this one ! KISS
(keep it simple stupid) ha !

When are you going to build the pick up? Let's do it now.
I can build a full rolling chassis too! All made in the USA parts.

Call or email me . 1-800-530-7636 ,

Our buddy in NM has his moc'd up already. Love the cardboard !

Rolled a front end under Travis' frame.
We do custom work,and can add whatever you want to the frame.
The Pete and Jakes # 1095 headlight shock mount combo is popular.

Alex and I have been working on a new slogan...you know to sound "grown up and proffesional"

How's this un?
"welding up your American made hot rod dreams of unreal awesomeness"
it beat out second place barely
"get in the garage and off the internet you fucktard"

Maybe we need to keep working on the new slogan.Send me your ideas..
(title email "slogan contest")