Matt Bange from Texas ordered up a frame from me...
Here it is on my sidewalk sitting on my High Life cans

He knows cool stuff,working around planes all day.

Old tudor body,you gotta have a body..classic field

Now he's cookin' Has the complete front end going on

Score ! Hi-po small block Chevy

Yummy frosted doughnuts ( wide white walls y'all)
Plopped the engine trans into place..plop

Brand new 9" Ford rear axle,right outta the box from Riley Automotive
Using The 9" Factory stuff, no old greasy crap here.

Oh god  oooh god   can ya feel it now !!?

frank" Fidanza from NY gathering awards at the Goodguys Columbus show 
 July 2011  
 Body channeled over our double Z'd frame