The "Dry Lake" Front End

Here is my newest product for the real hot rod market.  The DL front end is a four inch dropped FORGED front axle, Lincoln drum brakes.  The stuff legends are made from.  Exactly what the boys ran at the dry lakes back in the day.
Following tradition,this front end is timeless.  Nothing to give away it is all modern manufactured in the USA .  No flashy cad plating,nylon lock nuts.
From $1,770.00

Add your wishbones, steering arms, tie rod, shocks.
Hairpins available with corresponding steering arms and tie rod.$450.00
Old style fabricated steering loop available for side steer.$50.00
The "DL" front end comes with the following;
Forged 4" drop I-beam axle (Heavy 1932 Ford style)
Forged spindles bushed and reamed.Pre-fitted to backing plates
Tapered leave spring(hidden sliders)
square shank (the way Henry made 'em)shackles
Perch pins,(long enough for 1940 wishbones)
Lincoln backing plate assemblies
Hubs 5x5.5 only
Drums,slip on.Balanced
Wheal bearings and seals
King pin set