Spider Caps Ford

5x4.5 bolt pattern. 
Sold in set of four.Includes mounting plates and hardware.
On some cars nothing looks better then a set
of Spider caps and trim rings.
Paint your wheels a matching or
contrasting color. Show the girls you
not scared of  a little spider.                                 
                                              $155.00 set

Spider Caps Chevy

5x4.75 bolt pattern.Lather rinse
repeat.  Same as above.
     $155.00 set 

Trim Rings

Just one generic picture for trim rings.'cuz you can't tell the difference in little pic's anyway.
1940 Ford deluxe style with the little ribs.14",15", 16"
I call it stepped,smooth with a dip.14",15",16"
1950 Ford style smooth convex 15" only.(looks great on a 50 Merc wheel)

All stainless steel.Proudly made in Taiwan.(all companies get them from there)                                             $24.50 each

Custom wheel covers

I'll get into desciptions and pictures here soon.Now don't Speed-a-way.I'll beat anyones prices.  Fiesta, flippers, claw, snap on disc.15" and 14" some 13" for Falcon guys.

1932-1950 Ford hub caps

Pictures coming soon, I have all the Ford hubcaps.Wire wheels from 1932-35.
1940 deluxe, 1950 "nipple" cap.Ahh, I just said nipple.All authorized reproductions.
                                   Most $25.00