Forged 4" drop I-beam

On the top of the list for a reason.  This is a forged I-beam axle. 
Made by Chassis Engineering.Patterned after the elusive 1932
Ford "heavy" axle. 
47" wide.35" wide
perch centers.  2 1/4
perch boss standard. 

2" perch boss special order.

Tapered leaves with hidden sliders-Reversed
eyes-correct front spring

I'll mention it again, Try a mono-spring !
$195.00 Delicious.

Super Bell 4" drop I-beams

Super Bell, yeah-I don't have to tell you.  Excellent product and many versions to choose from.
46" I-beam 34" perch centers-$269.00
47 3/4" I-beam 361/2" perch centers $299.00
Options; 21/4" perch boss, 2" perch boss.
Extra cost options, drilled-$100.00,chrome-$588.00

Buy a new spring too.  Posies super slider $135.00
Yup, mono-springs available for Super Bell too,$195.00

Super Bell Alum I beam

      All the guys I have sold these too are happy with them.  Little to fancy for me.  But I'll put it out here for you to decide.  Made in the USA.Forged from 7175-T74 aircraft aluminum.
46" wide.  Super Bell logo on one side only.  Weighs only 9.5 pounds! Freakin'strong too.                                          
Standard      $   942.00       
Full polished $1,050.00

Available drilled or oval holes too.  I'll keep saying it, "ask me"

Axle related parts

I'm new to this whole building a website deal.  So hang tight.I have the complete line of Super Bell, Pete and Jakes, Chassis Engineering.  So yes I do carry tube axles.  I have all the parts to finish your front end, spindles, springs, shackles, brakes.
If you need or want something "ask me"

Complete front end-Super Bell

Get it all at once.Complete front suspension.Many options, chrome?  fendered?  hairpins?  Shoot me a message, you and I will figure out the best package for your car.   Starting at $2,074.00

     Everything included, axle, spring,shackles, king pins, steering arms, tie rod, etc..   Gotta have disc brakes?  I suggest the Super Stopper upgrade with 1" thick vented rotors and Wilwood calipers.