E T Gasser  aka "10 spokes"

For a Gasser style car.This one can't be beat.
Buy 'em from me so I can show the boys at T3 I wasn't blowing smoke.
A timeless styled wheel like this holds it value too.
You know you want a pair. Grab that Visa and lets go !

 Bolt pattern is 5 on 4-1/2" or 5 on 4-3/4" and is designed to fit straight axle or independent front ends. Contruction is all aluminum. Available with a polished rim and as cast center or full polished with the spokes polished on front and backside.

cast $285.00 is the coolest one I do thinks. :)
polished $450.00

E•T Fueler

Cast Finish spokes for that competition look or Fully polished for the modern street rod style.  The 40 year old design has the biggest windows you’ll see, making it the most aggressive looking on the market. The 16" is ideal for highboys where the backside can be ordered to create the perfect tire-to-body gap. The spokes start a full 3 1/2 inches back from the front edge on the 16" models giving a very deep appearance. Note rear wheels are only made with bolts in the spoke, and the front 15x6 one piece wheel can be had with out the bolt in the spoke. .

 $275.00 and up
 15"x6" as cast. MADE IN THE USA !
(somebody should write a song about these wheels)
They can make a 1974 Ranchero look good






I like mag wheels,all my HotWheels had 'em.
Doing a 60's style 32 chassis for a friend I purchased a set of 5 spokes.
The attention to detail from Team 3 wheels was over the top.
By far and away the best wheel for the money.
So they are now the only wheel I am a dealer for.They are really  that good.
Contact me and we can work out the spec's. And...more pictures soon (yes I will)

The New 15 x 5" , E-T DRAGMASTER

 1 piece pressure castwheel that is splndle mount to early ford. It uses willwood disc brakes,the std. dynalite and vented rotor. The Dragmaster is also in a 5 lug bolt on version, that fits over std. aluminum hubs. The wheel is also made as a 2 piece construction in 15" x 4" all the way to 15" x 15" with custom back side spacing.

15 x 5 bolt -on cast center $275.00 each
(polished more)