1939 Ford "tear drop"

A classic hot rod tail light from day one. You can't go wrong with '39's
Complete assemblies includes mounting pad/gasket
                   $31.00 pair  

1941 Chevrolet

1941-48 Chevrolet.  Another classic hot rod tail light. Sold in pairs.  Complete.
                    $34.00 pair

1959 Cadillac

King of the custom tail lights.Sold complete and assembled. 12 volt 1157 bulbs included.  Sold in pairs.  White lenses available for back up use.
                                       $48.00 pair

Model A,'54 Merc etc.

I'm getting tired of typing, Model A 6 volt tail lights-$15.95 each
1954 Merc lenses $16.95 each
1955-59 Ford lenses available
Many others, early Impala etc. just ask me.


Model A Ford 1928-1931

12 volt tail light assemblies.
Easy to add to you hot rod.  Left hand side has
license light lense on bottom.All red glass lense.$25.00 each.
Some other parts to consider;
License plate bracket with Duolamp script;
Black bracket $7.50
Stainless steel bracket $15.00
Wire shields,little cover that goes on the back, black $5.00 stainless $7.50
Tail lamp bracket aka stand
1928-31 right or left black $7.50 each
Chrome $14.00 each
Cast iron tail light bracket 1930-37 pick up $7.50
And maybe you need tail light reinforcement bracket.  Die stamped steel goes inside fender $3.00 each
And I have lenses too,add a little something to your A's back end.
Half Amber lense with STOP across top $8.50 each
Solid red lense with blue dot installed $13.50 each


1950 Pontiac

Classic styling. NOT led. 1157 12 volt bulb. Red glass lense, Chrome bezel.  Includes mounting gaskets.  It don't get much better then this.Done before? Sure has and for good reason.  It looks right on the back of your deuce! $79.00 a pair.



1937 Ford

Pictured is the left hand side with license light.
Chrome bezel, red glass lense.  Includes cloth covered loom.
Fantastic for customizing.Real aero shaped bullet style.
12 volt bulb included.
Great on a modified !  And less filling.
$35.00 each.
Left and right in stock now !


More tail lights

We have tons o'lights available for purchase.I'll add pictures later.But y'all know what they look like right?
1932-42 Ford pick up.$30.00 each
1932 ford deluxe passenger car.$30.00 each
1933-36 Ford deluxe passenger car $30.00 each
1940 Ford deluxe passenger car $30.00 each
1941 Ford passenger & 1948-56 panel truck,yup $30.00 each
1942-48 Ford deluxe passenger car.$30.00 each
All the above have glass lenses,polished stainless rim, 12 volt bulbs,add $5.00 each for installed blue dot.
Early style license frames chrome plated
1940-55 California plate rounded corners $15.00 each
1929-39 California nearly square corners $15.00 each
14"x6" fits other states and years too.



License plate light


Cool little light.  Ford used this design for decades. Shine one on your club plaque.
Comes with bulb and pigtail. $8.00 each